Diesel skid mounted pressure washer

DS Series

This versatile range of diesel, skid mounted Commando washers can be moved with a forklift, has an integral water tank and can be used on a mains water supply or on suction from a separate water source.

  • Robust and versatile mobile units
  • Fitted with forklift side frame base
  • Can be mounted on a vehicle, trailer, plant or machinery
  • ideal for yard work, cleaning slit drains, buildings and equipment.
  • Diesel engine powered
  • Can be fitted with a spark arrestor, chalwyn valve or spring start mechanism, for operation in designated safe areas.

Optional Accessories

Low or High Pressure Hose Reels

Chemical Injection

Foam Application Equipment

Sand Blasting Equipment

Drain Jetting Hoses and Jets

Lifting Point

Anti-freeze Kit

Water Break Tank

Tool Carrier


MODEL: DS Series

Cleaning Power
Variable according to customer requirement
Pump Pressure
Variable spec available; generally 150-200bar
Water Volume
Variable spec available; generally 24l/min upwards
Engine Power
Dependent on customer requirements
(L)1390mm x (W)1252mm x (H)11605mm
Approx 680kg