Commando® Titan series > High Pressure Cleaning Machines

The Commando® Titan is an automated drive through vehicle washing system. As the vehicle drives into the bay it activates a wash cycle that includes a full underbody/chassis wash, a full external wash via a multi-nozzle moving gantry, including a pre-rinse, detergent and rinse cycle.

The unit provides large fleet operators with a high speed, effective and hassle free washing operation with very little operator input. It is suited to hauliers, factory distribution sites, large farming operations, military sites and airports.

Titan Series Range Highlights:

  • Self-Contained
  • Fully automated wash cycles for a variety of odd shaped vehicles
  • Underbody/chassis wash
  • Movable gantry with multi nozzle wash – no brushes
  • Manual gun and lance options available
  • Complete civil engineering works undertaken – including plant rooms
  • Bespoke wash screen options
  • Full water recycling system
  • Sump and interceptor facilities
  • Sand and carbon water filters
  • UV light water treatment
  • Large capacity water storage
  • Large volume bunded detergent storage
  • Frost protection via compressed air purge


Titan Series Optional Accessories

  • Manual & Automated systems
  • Civil Engineering including wash screens
  • Water recycling
  • Water storage
  • Detergent storage
  • Frost protection