Commando® Sentry series > High Pressure Cleaning Machines

COMMANDO® Sentry is a drive through vehicle disinfection system. As a vehicle drives onto the system, spray nozzles are operated automatically, dispensing fresh disinfectant onto the vehicle. As the vehicle passes through, the wheels, underside and sills are thoroughly disinfected. The system provides a high speed system to protect farms, factory sites and public events, avoiding high labour costs.

Sentry Series Range Highlights:

  • Easy to Install on a Prepared Surface
  • Mains 240V Electric for Permanent Installation or use with Generator Set
  • 12V Battery System for Temporary Remote Applications
  • Each Vehicle is Treated with Fresh Disinfectant
  • A Powerful Spray Coats the Wheels on Both Sides
  • Further Nozzles are Situated to Treat the Underside and Sill Areas
  • Treats Whole Tread of HGV Tyres as they Drive Through the Tray
  • Designed to apply DEFRA Approved Disinfectants
  • Applied Disinfectant is not Diluted in a Rain Storm
  • No Mats to Replace
  • Easy to Clean
  • Minimal Labour Costs

Sentry Series Optional Accessories

  • Hand Gun & Lance - to Disinfect Boots, Irregular or Inaccessible Areas
  • Remote Hand Lance station with start button
  • Side Screens
  • Anti-freeze System
  • Temporary Road Ways for Access on Soft Ground
  • Heavy duty version for large transport centers
  • Combined vehicle wash system
  • Automatic Chemical Dosing

Sentry Series Specifications




Spray system pressure



Liquid flow



Vehicle detection



Tank capacity