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About COMMANDO® Range

The COMMANDO® Range of high pressure cleaning equipment is the professionals choice. The COMMANDO® range is ideal where arduous duty cycles occur, reliability is important and running costs need to be kept to a minimum. The COMMANDO® machines are easy to operate, powerful, efficient, and comply to BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 accreditation. All of the machines are British designed and built, independently powered and designed to be easily transported to virtually any terrain where power washing or jet washing is required.

The COMMANDO® range of high power cleaning machines is distributed throughout the UK and exported for use in a wide range of industries including civil engineering, agriculture, the military and construction. A commitment to continued innovation and investment in the development of product range by Hugh Crane (Cleaning Equipment) Ltd, means that you can be confident that the COMMANDO® range is always at the cutting edge of design technology.

Once the correct COMMANDO® high pressure cleaning model is selected, full operator training and installation are provided. A comprehensive stores facility ensures immediate supply of high pressure cleaning parts and accessories.

For specialist applications the company offers a technical design service for bespoke equipment.

With over twenty years of manufacturing experience, dedicated design systems, a well trained committed workforce and high quality materials makes the COMMANDO® range of independently powered high pressure cleaning machines your very best choice.